Description of action

Starting signal for great initiative for young talents: "1,000 tennis rackets for 1,000 girls".

On GIRLS' DAY (Sunday, November 7), the starting signal will be given for an unprecedented campaign for the next generation of female tennis players! The project "1,000 tennis rackets for 1,000 girls" is the largest initiative for the next generation of women's tennis players in Austria to date!
The campaign, which is supported by ÖTV and OÖTV, aims to encourage children to take part in sports and thus also fulfills a social benefit. The organizers are providing a total of 1,000 tennis rackets to 1,000 girls between the ages of 5 and 12. 
Our common goal is to encourage more girls to take up sports and, of course, tennis in particular. The first 100 girls will receive their tennis rackets, provided by Dunlop, at the tournament. This also includes a trial training session on the same day, contact with coaches and club representatives, and a bulging goodie bag.
Sandra Reichel is pursuing a major goal: "My wish is that every girl in Austria should have the chance to hold a tennis racket in her hand at least once. Owning a tennis racket is the first hurdle to playing tennis. Through contacts with coaches, clubs and associations and other offers to train and try out, we then create the necessary sustainability."

Here you can find the registration and conditions of participation:

Conditions of participation