Women’s tennis classic “Upper Austria Ladies Linz” opens a new, exciting chapter

Peter-Michael Reichel honoured as founder of the Linz WTA tournament for his services to the economy by Mayor Klaus Luger

“Good things” take time as you know! After intensive discussions and negotiations, it is now finally fixed: The 32nd edition of the world-class “Upper Austria Ladies Linz” tournament will take place from February 5-12, 2023! The return to the February date is also the start of a new, exciting era for the Linz women’s tennis classic!

“As a tournament marketer MatchMaker, we have been thinking about a new date for quite some time. Now, due to the many changes in the tournament calendar, we are able to continue writing the story of the second oldest women’s indoor tournament in the world in February after the “Australia Swing.” Just like we started 31 years ago! We are experiencing a wonderful memory of the birth of the Linz WTA tournament”, says tournament director Sandra Reichel. It’s no secret: At the beginning of the year, the players are really “hot” on tennis, fit – and not tired after a long and exhausting season. And “Upper Austria” is once again in the picture, as more than 100 TV stations broadcast impressive impressions of the Linz WTA tournament and of our beautiful home country!

Keyword Birth Time: Tournament founder Peter-Michael Reichel was recently honoured “as a sign of recognition and appreciation” by the Mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger, along with five other personalities who have made a lot of positive impact in public life. In his laudatory speech, the Mayor of Linz said: “Peter-Michael Reichel has been awarded the Great Medal of Honour for his services to the economy for his great efforts and the fantastic tournaments he has given to the state capital of Linz and the many tennis fans with the founding of the WTA tournament in Linz. He has brought the top stars of the tennis world. His extensive fields of activity range from classical to athletics and from tennis to soccer.” Reichel is still Europe’s representative on the board of directors of the Women's Tennis Association WTA!