When children’s eyes sparkle: 1,000 tennis rackets for 1,000 girls

Yes, with so many shining children’s eyes the hearts of tournament director Sandra Reichel and tournament ambassador Barbara Schett laughed! What a great kick-off of the great young talent initiative “1,000 Tennis Rackets for 1,000 Girls” on the Girls Day of the 2021 Upper Austria Ladies Linz in the TipsArena! The first 140 girls were presented with their tennis rackets provided by Dunlop and a well-filled Goodie Bag (presented by Linz AG).

The first test runs could not be missing! That’s why a taster training session took place right after the kickoff event, and contact with club representatives and coaches was also made directly. The campaign is supported by OÖTV and ÖTV. The girls were enthusiastic about trying out their new rackets. Like seven-year-old Emma from Hörsching, who came with Mom and Dad. I haven’t played tennis yet, but soccer”, said Emma, who now has a role model. Who do you think? Emma – Raducanu. And little Emma from Hörsching waited patiently for a photo with big Emma! Six-year-old Juliane from Linz already knows who she is imitating: “Andy Murray!” Well, she’s got a big future ahead of her.

“My wish is that every girl in Austria has the chance to hold a tennis racket in her hand. By owning a tennis racket, the first hurdle to playing tennis has been overcome. By making contact with coaches, clubs and associations and other offers for training and tastering, we can create the necessary sustainability”, said Tournament Director Sandra Reichel.

From whom did the director and ambassador get the first tennis racket? “When I was five years old, from my mom. It was an Ellesse wooden bat, and my great role model was Chris Evert. ” Babsi Schett said: “I got my first racket when I was four years old from my parents. It was a cut-off wooden bat. ”

Markus Achleitner: “Moving young people to exercise”

Upper Austria’s Economic and Sports Councilor Markus Achleitner is enthusiastic about the initiative. “The promotion of young talent is very important in the Sportland of Upper Austria because it is important to motivate young people to exercise. Therefore, we are very pleased that Austria’s most important women’s sports event is now also launching the largest youth initiative for women’s tennis in our country. The campaign also has a social benefit. It aims to get children to do sports – with fun and a playful approach. “

The campaign will continue in autumn 2022 and spring 2023. Further information will be available here.