The Way Up!


In 2018, before the start of the WTA tournament “Upper Austria Ladies Linz”, tournament director Sandra Reichel turned her idea into reality. Austria’s greatest talents got the chance to win a wildcard for qualifying.

With the UPPER AUSTRIA YOUNG LADIES WILD-CARD-CHALLENGE the aim is to promote young talent in female tennis and to introduce new formats for the further development of potential young talents.

The aim behind the project is to pay more attention to women’s tennis in Austria and to set the course for this in the next generation.

The Challenge offers young female tennis players an international platform to showcase their talent and connect with WTA players at the highest level. The aim is to draw attention to the young athletes and, of course, the greatest success would be to generate sustained support for the athletes.

The Challenge is advertised in cooperation with the Austrian Tennis Federation and the regional associations. Of course, the project also enjoys international media presence thanks to the WTA tournament UPPER AUSTRIA LADIES LINZ.

Sandra Reichel, Tournament Director:

“I am thrilled to be able to run the Young Ladies Wild Card Challenge again this year, in cooperation with the Austrian and Upper Austrian Tennis Association. It is a matter of my heart to offer our young players this platform. And the winner will be able to enjoy the great tennis world at the Upper Austria Ladies Linz and gain valuable experience.”

Marion Maruska, Fedcup Captain and Sports Coordinator in the Austrian Tennis Federation:

“I’m delighted that Sandra and I started this challenge together four years ago. It’s great for Austria’s women’s tennis to have the opportunity to take part in a WTA tournament and then see where the journey is headed. ”